North Fork Watershed Association
Monday, March 18, 2019

August, 2011


August's meeting was attended by 7 members (not including the kids and friends running around) and was followed the annual picnic.  The Annual Picnic may be held in August from now on since July seems to be a busy month for most active members.

The Macro-invertebrate study held at Jones Bridge was reported to have very positive results with many organisms indicating a healthy stream to be present.  


It was discussed that anyone interested in having base-line testing on their water supply should do so quickly as the deep wells permitted on the North Fork will commence drilling in the near future.  It was explained that with base line testing done by an independent lab would be precautionary should your water supply become unsafe with a suspicion that a nearby well may have something to do with it.  The testing would give landowners the best evidence to be used in a court of law if needed.    

It was agreed that letters should be sent to all members of NFWA explaining base line testing and why it would need to be performed soon. 


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