North Fork Watershed Association
Monday, March 18, 2019

April, 2011


6 members were present at April's meeting.

The application for nomination for 2011 Western Pennsylvania Environmental Award was rejected by Dominion. There were many applicants for the award.

It was reported that Falls Creek and Washington Township are now testing 3 sites 3 times per year.  Conductivity testing will tell if brine water is being dumped into the stream, where a normal reading would be between 50 and 500 ppm (parts per million).  When testing results are in the thousand or above range; it would then become advisable to test for any heavy metals that may be present.

NFWA memberships are doing very well this year.  :-)

Results from the last sampling are back and are not as good as they have been.  The decrease in pH most likely due to the abundance of rain water and snow melt that occurred prior to testing.  Williams Run was not tested this round.

250 fish were stocked at the Dam in Brookville. They should be getting 400 fish on May 1st to be stocked in the North Fork.


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