North Fork Watershed Association
Friday, September 24, 2021

August, 2009


August's picnic was attended by 17 members and guests. The children did not participate in the meeting that followed as they had better things to do.

The macro-invertebrate study proved to be a success, with some positive indications of stream improvement. Certain species indicating a healthy stream were present where they had not been so in the past.

The bridge sampling has indicated that the water has shown a good deal of improvement in pH.  This will be beneficial for us next spring when stocking is done as we may be able to increase the number of sites stocked in the North Fork and there was some discussion about increasing the number of fish stocked independently.

The 2009 watershed camp was a success. 10 children attended the 3 day camp the second week in July, Monday thru Wednesday, at Walter Dick Memorial Park.  Members volunteered as chaperones to keep track of the children and assist with certain activities.  The kids got to do a macro-invertebrate study and see plenty of aquatic organisms.  By hiking through the woods and investigating the streams, they learned even more about how a watershed functions.  They also were able to get in snack time and some swimming.

The next sampling will be our quarterly and will be planned at the next meeting on September 10th.


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