North Fork Watershed Association
Friday, September 24, 2021

April & May, 2009


Wow, sorry folks, I thought I had April on here.

APRIL's meeting was attended by 7 members and spent mostly discussing the upcoming first day of fishing and the concession stands we had.  One was at Richardsville and one at the Dam in Brookville.  We sold coffee, doughnuts, hotdogs, and some memberships that day.  The fishermen did pull some nice ones in at Richardsville.

The watershed camps are tentative for July 6-10th.

ANC results are back and will be posted when the rest of the results are received.  The remainder of the lime has been all spread at Manners.  Many trees have been planted, thanks to NFWA member, to help control the sedimentation from the breaching of the dam.  Most NFWA members were not in agreement with the breaching, but the State was instructed to do so.  The breaching of dams began a few years back and will be done to many dams throught the country, if it has not been done already.

MAY's meeting was attended by 7 members.

Membership has been good this year with an additional 4 business members and approximately 15 new family memberships.

June 2nd is the next date for water sampling.  We will also be collecting soil samples and will meet in Manners parking area at 9 am.  Plant samples will also be taken this month from both Swede and Manners Run watersheds.

There is discussion of having a macro-invertebrate study sometime this summer at the bridges where the samples have been taken every two weeks.  The water seems to show some improvement and this kind of study could reveal if the streams are, in fact, getting healthier.

Next meeting is June 12.     


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