North Fork Watershed Association
Friday, September 24, 2021

January, 2009


January's meeting was attended by 9 members.

Election of officers was held at the end of the meeting.  

Much conversation about the opening day of trout ensued.  The possibility of having a concession area was discussed along with number and locations.  The food would be simple, hot dogs mainly and the locations would be at the Dam in Brookville and possibly Richardsville.  More details will be discussed at future meetings. 

The membership committee is conducting a small membership drive, targeting mostly businesses that may have an interest in what we are doing.  Memberships each year have been very consistent but expanding among businesses could help greatly in achieving future goals and meeting our annual expenses.

No news on the watershed camps yet as those members and helpers organizing the event(s) were unable to attend.

The new officers for 2009 are as follows; Don Crytzer, President; Ron Battaglia, Vice President; Dave Chestnut, Secretary; Steve Rowan, Treasurer.  This info is also available on the members link.


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