North Fork Watershed Association
Monday, October 26, 2020

December, 2008


December's meeting was attended by 10+ members.

Nominations for 2009 officers are as follows; President; Don Crytzer, Vice President; Ron Battaglia, Secretary; Dave Chestnut, Treasurer; Steve Rowan.  Erika expressed her enjoyment at serving as President for the past 6 years but has decided to no longer serve in that capacity.  She will, however, remain an active member.
Concern over deep gas well drilling was discussed.  The quantity of water needed and the disposal of waste water were the main concerns.  Since it is a relatively new exploration technique, particularly to our area, little historic information is available.  One member has found information confirming that methods for purifying the waste water are available, time will tell if it is effective.  The process is supposed to be monitored by DEP from what is understood.
2009 Watershed Camps are to be planned shortly and more info on those will be available in future meetings.