North Fork Watershed Association
Monday, October 26, 2020

November, 2008


November's meeting was attended by 6 members.

1 new member has joined since last meeting. 

Water and soil samples will be taken on Manner's on November 23rd.  We will meet in the parking lot at 2pm.

December's meeting will be held at Quiet Creek with the holiday dinner at 6pm and the meeting to follow.  The dinner is pot luck, Claire will provide the meat.  Please see home page for contact information.

Next year's Watershed Camps will be added to December's agenda.  We will also discuss the possibility of changing either days, times, or both if found to be more convenient for present officers and members.

A letter will be composed to the Fish and Boat Commission requesting that the North Fork be stocked the day before trout season. 

No one has shown an interest in filling the upcoming vacancy for President yet.

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