North Fork Watershed Association
Monday, October 26, 2020

October, 2008


October's meeting was attended by 5 members.

A copy of the article in support of the Brookville Municipal Authority's position on the proposed strip mining of the Winner property published in The Jeffersonian Democrat was presented.

The results from the sampling are in but not available for the web yet (since webmaster doesn't yet have a copy).  In general, all the pH levels were up, especially in the Manners Run sub-watershed so it has been suggested to get soil samples soon from Manners. Vegetative samples were taken on September 22nd from the Manners area and it has been noted that, like the Swede Run samples taken 1 year after liming, the leaves were much more numerous on the trees and looked healthier in general.  We will have to wait for the results to see if the phosphorous levels have also increased.

A splash dam made of limestone has been created north of Jones bridge.  Beavers have decided to make their own in the same area, guess they didn't like ours.  Pics will be posted on recent stream projects soon.

Next meeting November 13, 7pm, JCCD.  We will be needing a new president as Erika will be retiring from the position.


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