North Fork Watershed Association
Monday, October 26, 2020

July, 2008


July's picnic/meeting was attended by 15 members.

The Limestone sand project is doing well.  Members are keeping at the tribs and have some ideas about creating splash dams.

Results for vegetative samples have returned.  At Swede Run, samples taken in June 08 showed a 50% increase in phosphorous levels from samples taken in June 07 from the same trees.  Calcium levels decreased by 30%, probably due to the increased growth.  Other nutrient levels remained relatively stable.  Manganese toxicity has decreased somewhat.

Manners will be sampled again in the next couple of weeks.  Plans for continued land liming in the Manners Run watershed were discussed, including available funds from the grant and how to get the lime spread.  The machine will be available, but finding someone to work it will be the issue.


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