North Fork Watershed Association
Monday, October 26, 2020

April, 2008


April's meeting was attended by 6 members plus one new member.  Membership in the Association has increased since last year in both family and business categories.

Water sampling results for the past three months have been received and will be put on the site as soon as possible.  The next Swede sampling will be the final for the year and future sampling will then be done quarterly.  Plant samples will be taken with the next water sampling.  It was noted that the past visit to Swede Run showed signs that the lime that had clumped together was now finally dissolving into the soil.

A vote was taken and it was approved to apply for a Growing Greener Grant for Bear Pen Run which is located just above Manners. 

Limestone has been ordered and will be placed in some locations throughout the Northern part of the watershed.

Tax Form 990 needs to be filed by May 15th.  Erika has agreed to e-file the form.

Next meeting is May 8th, 7 pm.


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