North Fork Watershed Association
Monday, October 26, 2020

March, 2008


March's meeting was attended by 7 members.

Sampling of Manners will wait until after Easter in part by the weather and members' schedules.  Swede Run may be sampled sooner. Both will need ANC taken this time.

The rest of the funding from the Manners Run grant will probably all be used in the Manners Run watershed.  Amber will look into what is left.

Members will be checking on prices for having limestone delivered for the stream dosing project.  In addition to member funding, grants will be applied for to hopefully reach our goal of 400 tons of lime.  Grants for projects like this are becoming more difficult to obtain in light of the economy.

At the April meeting, we will bring to vote whether to apply for a Growing Greener Grant for liming Bear Pen Run.  Grants are due on May 16.

The annual Watershed Festival will be held at North Fork Dam Saturday, May 17th, with the Lion's Club fishing contest.  High water date is set for May 24th.


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