North Fork Watershed Association
Monday, October 26, 2020

February, 2008


February's meeting was attended by 7 members.

Swede Run sampling will be conducted on Thursday, February 21st.  If weather is bad date will be changed.

Next Manners sampling will be in March, date yet unknown.

There will be a tour of Bear Pen Run, weather providing, on Saturday, February 23rd.  Anyone is welcome to come.  We will be meeting in the old Game School parking lot at 9 am.

A goal was set for 400 tons of lime to be purchased for dosing tribs and the main stem before fishing season.  2 members donated $2,000 to go toward this project.

The dates are set for summer camp (as announced).  Need to change the info to include that the $15 fee will be reimbursed after student has attended all days.

Don will check into the possibility of getting a couple different streams shocked early this spring to do a count of native trout.  

Next meeting on March 13, 7 pm at JCCD.


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