North Fork Watershed Association
Monday, October 26, 2020

January, 2008


January's meeting had 8 members present.  All present officers were elected for a second term to their same positions; President, Erika Riker; Vice President, Ron Battaglia; Secretary, Don Crytzer; Treasurer, Dave Chestnut.

Results for the last quarterly water sampling will be available on the web shortly.  Swede Run sampling was late due in part to the weather.  Sampling was completed for Swede and Manners Run on January 8th.  Those will be posted as they are received.  We may have to extend the monthly sampling for Swede until June, 2008 before it becomes quarterly.

Liming some problem streams before trout stocking was discussed.

Next meeting will be February 14th, 7pm, JCCD.


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