North Fork Watershed Association
Friday, September 24, 2021

December, 2007


December's meeting followed the holiday dinner at Quiet Creek and was attended by 10 members and one visitor.

Ken Anderson from the Fish Commission spoke briefly about fish habitat and what some of our options may be.  It proved to be very interesting and informational for the members present. Several new ideas were discussed.

An e-mail was received by a woman interested in the work the Association is doing.  Since she is in the military and stationed overseas it was agreed upon to send her an honorary membership for the NFWA.

Swede Run should be tested again by the end of the month, Erika and Don will find a good day.  Manners will be tested again in January.  Results from the last sampling which included all active sites will be posted once results are received. 

A $2,500 dollar mini grant was applied for through Dominion and WPC for an outreach project.  This project would involve contacting the rest of the watershed via letters to introduce NFWA and its projects to residents. 

The North Fork is now on the PA Rivers Registry, since it is a part of the Red Bank which gained that status in November, 2007.  This could open up funding opportunities for a diverse number of groups involved in community projects in the watershed.  A copy of the Red Bank Creek Watershed Conservation Plan can be found at a number of libraries, including Brookville, if anyone is interested.   

Manners Run liming is complete and there is a new link on the site menu describing the project in more detail. 

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