North Fork Watershed Association
Friday, September 24, 2021

October, 2007


October's meeting was attended by 6 members.

Swede Run will be sampled again this weekend.  Manners will be sampled every other month once the liming is complete.  Don stated that he thought it may be about 8 more days.  We would like to get pictures up on the website of the liming completed this year.

The next watershed camp will be scheduled for the middle to end of next summer.

Limestone will continue to be added to the tributaries in the North part of the watershed on State Game Lands.  Results have been promising.  There is a stream shocking scheduled for the 18th at Manners Run below the dam.  This will allow us to count the fish presently in the stream.  The shocking does not kill the fish, it merely stuns them.

Next meeting will be on November 8th, 7pm.


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