North Fork Watershed Association
Thursday, February 21, 2019

Manners Run


A $49,766 Manners Dam Run Watershed Liming Grant was funded in 2007 and was conducted under the direction and sponsorship of the Jefferson County Conservation District with in-kind contributions from the North Fork Watershed Association members.  Most of the in-kind was in the form of labor from active members and individual contributions.  

The actual land liming occurred in the fall of 2007, with application to approximately 250 acres of the watershed that is not presently, or in the near future, being timbered.  The entire project was located on State Game Lands and permission was granted by the Pa State Game Commission.

Pre-sampling of soil, water, and vegetative analysis was conducted to determine the degree to which the sub-watershed lacks in buffering capacity.  Ideally, the liming will provide just enough buffering to help decrease the acidity of the water from acid deposition before collecting into the tributaries.  This study consisted of a 2 ton per acre addition of lime, which is roughly one third to one half of the recommended application as per soil analysis.  Shock to environmental systems was most likely eliminated by applying minimal quantities, in addition to providing some information, through future analysis, of the buffering capacity provided at that rate and how long it will last.  More information about this liming project can be found here.