North Fork Watershed Association
Thursday, May 23, 2019



A land liming study was conducted by the North Fork Watershed Association in the sub watershed of Swede Run beginning in April, 2007.  Swede Run comes together with Lucas Run before emptying into the North Fork.  It is located in Polk Township on State Game Lands in the Northern part of the watershed where acidic waters have become chronic.  Most of the subject area is forested.

200 acres will be spread with lime (containing magnesium) at a rate of 2 tons per acre.  The goal is for the dose of lime to be enough to buffer the very acid soils without shocking the entire ecological system.  Water samples will be taken monthly, soil samples quarterly, and vegetative samples 3 times per year.

If the liming is successful, its effects could last for many years since forest soils move very slowly.  Eventually, a more hospitable environment would be created for aquatic life in Swede and Lucas Run.  In addition, the acidic contribution from Lucas Run to the North Fork would be lessened greatly.     

This study is being funded in part by leftover funds from the NFWA Assessment and Restoration Grant.  Later sampling will be funded by donations from members.  Results from all sampling will be posted on this site under the Water Monitoring link.