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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

North Fork Fishing


 2010 Trout Fishing Success on North Fork  

The 2010 opening day of trout fishing on North Fork was very successful for many anglers. I took a lot of pictures but my camera was only working properly part of the time, as a result I have a very limited number of good pictures. The reports from most of the areas along North Fork were very good. Without a doubt this was the best opening day for trout fishing on North Fork in many years.

The NFWA was formed in 2000. From 2000-2007 the NFWA added 40-65 tons per year of limestone sand to help neutralize the effects of acid rain. This effort was barely maintaining the water quality at the level it was in 2000. Trout stocked in the preseason, typically were nowhere to be found on the opening day of trout season. The inseason  stocking faired a little better but was still not very good.

The NFWA had a North Fork Watershed Assessment and Restoration Plan completed in 2006. The headwaters were identified as having the most acidic and lowest pH conditions of the watershed.

To begin the restoration of North Fork several projects were done in 2007. In May a forest liming project was done in the Swede Run Watershed. 370 tons of lime was spread on the forest floor. In the summer and fall over 200 tons of Limestone Sand was added to several tributaries as well as to the main stream. In October and November another forest liming project was undertaken in the Manners Run Watershed where over 750 tons of a mixture of lime and limestone sand were spread on the forest floor. In the spring of 2009 the Manners Run Watershed project was completed. This portion of the forest liming added 1,100 tons of lime to the watershed.These projects involved lots of time and expense. The forest liming projects were covered by Growing Greener Grants from DEP. The limestone sand dosing of the streams were funded by private donation and support from the Brookville Municipal Authority.

In the spring of 2008 and 2009 before the preseason trout stocking we did limestone sand addition projects where we treated tributaries as well as the main stem of North Fork. All these projects are having a positive effect on the water quality. In addition to what we have been doing, the PFBC moved the preseason trout stocking to the day before opening day. IN both 2008 and 2009 we saw improved fishing on the first day of trout season. The inseason stockings also have provided better fishing. Although conditions are improving we still have a long way to go until the trout, again remain in the stream the year around. In 2009 the PFBC did water quality testing at the 6 bridges that cross North Fork. For those results see Bridge Water Sampling 2009 on the home page. With the improved pH that now exists we asked the PFBC to consider adding the Blowtown Bridge and Jones Bridge sections to the preseason stocking list. This area has not been stocked in the preseason since 2003. The PFBC is currently doing another study on those areas to determine if it will qualify for preseason stocking in the future. 

2010: This year we will again be doing the preseason limestone sand additions. Our goal is to add 250 tons of varying sizes of limestone to North Fork this year but at the present time we are short on the funding necessary.

2010: Now for the big news. The NFWA has teamed up with Toby Creek Watershed Association, Sigel Sportsmen Club and the Warsaw Sportsmen Club to provide additional trout for North Fork Creek. We will be stocking trout on April 15th at the Blowtown Bridge and Jones Bridge sections of North Fork. We will also be stocking trout on that same day just below the Brookville Dam (the swimming area). Changes being made at the trout hatchery requires moving up this groups in -season stocking to April 22.

While we have teamed up with these groups on this trout project I want to make it real clear that no NFWA membership dues will be used for this project. Only donations specified for the fish project will be used since this does not fall under water quality. Please thank the sportsmen of the area for helping this project to move forward.

I would like to thank the following for their help on these restoration projects. PADEP's Growing Greener Grant program, Jefferson County Conservation District, Brookville Municipal Authority, Polk Twp., PA State Game Commission, PFBC, and several members of NFWA.

I would like to take this time to encourage Businesses, Organizations and individuals to become members of the NFWA. Money from the dues will be used for limestone, water testing lab expenses, environmental watershed camps and web site costs. We now list our business and organizational members on the home page. I thank each and everyone that is a part of what is becoming a successful restoration of North Fork Creek.


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In closing : The restoration of the North Fork Watershed has already begun, but this is a very large watershed and the current problems have been many years in the making and the cure will be neither easy nor quick. Together we can get it done.


Don Crytzer