North Fork Watershed Association
Friday, September 24, 2021

August, 2017

There were 3 members present at the August 10, 2017 meeting.  
The YMCA students were unable to attend any dates for the North Fork Watershed Camp.  Grace Pesselato will contact Girl Scout troops in September to see if they are available.  Water sampling results from Dice / Clear Run have not been received.
Currently, 3 loads of limestone have been approved to be purchased.  One load has been purchased and two more loads are still authorized to be purchased.
The web site is updated with pictures of the North Fork Sign in the Walter Dick Park.  
Results from this year's macro-invertebrate study at Jonas Bridge was provided at the meeting.  This was the first time a damselfly has been found in the macro sampling. 
There was a discussion on the months that we will hold NFWA meetings.  We will discuss this at the September meeting.