North Fork Watershed Association
Friday, September 24, 2021

February, 2017

The February 16, 2017 NFWA was attended by 6 members.  
Since this was the first meeting of 2017, it was our annual meeting where we select the officers for 2017.  
President - Ruth Rowan
Vice-President - Ron Battaglia
Treasurer - Steve Rowan
Secretary - Don Crytzer
The nominated people were approved by a motion to serve as officers for 2017.
The treasurer's report was approved by motion as presented.
Per Shaun, the Dirt and Gravel Road work is to continue on Bond Road.  The Fish and Boat Commission and DEP are to have a meeting concerning Blowtown Bridge and Bond Road Bridge.
Grace has applied for 2 grants.  A DEP Grant for $3,000 for the watershed camp and water testing.  A Dominion Grant for $2,000 to update our brochure, website and signage.  Grace will be applying for a grant from PACD for Storm Drain Painting.
Grace showed us what the proposed sign would look like that is to be placed a Walter Dick Memorial Park.  This will be paid for from a grant from last year that Grace has for the sign.
A motion was made to authorize the purchase of 3 loads of limestone.  Motion passed.
Memberships is going well again this year.
A sampling date will be set at the next meeting.
Jesse Bish is the new State Game Land Manager replacing George Miller.  Wayne hs received a new permit for the state game lands.  Jesse Bish would like a Google Map identifying where we place the loads of limestone.  Don Crytzer is to send an email to Jesse about this.