North Fork Watershed Association
Thursday, July 02, 2020

Macroinvertebrate Sampling

On Friday, July 19, 2019, members of the North Fork Watershed Association were finally able to do their annual macroinvertebrate sampling at the Jones Bridge.  The high amount of rainfall this summer had caused numerous cancellations.  NFWA members, Don Crytzer, Tim Ross, Jr. and Wayne Clinger, as well as Shaun Wessell and Becky Gaston of the Jefferson Conservation District collected macroinvertebrates with nets, identified and counted them. Information on the data collected can be found here.  
On July 7, 2018, members of the North Fork Watershed Association met at the Jones Bridge to do their annual macroinvertebrate study.  Members also sampled a second site upstream from Game School Road.
Tim Ross, Sr., Tim Ross, Jr., Don Crytzer, Wayne Clinger, Ron Battaglia, of North Fork Watershed Association, as well as Dana Grabowski, JCCD, and volunteer Grace Pesselato, participated.  Macroinvertebrates were caught, identified and counted.
In July 2016, Andy Turner, Clarion University and students, did a study on unaccessed streams in the North Fork Watershed.  Grace Pesselato, JCCD, and Don Crytzer, NFWA, participated as electro-fishing was done.  After fish were identified and measured, they were released back into the stream.  
Additional photos can be found on the Jefferson Conservation District's website here