North Fork Watershed Association
Friday, September 24, 2021

November, 2015

The November 12, 2015 meeting was attended by 6 members of the North Fork Watershed Association.
Grace has applied for a small Environmental Education Grant.  The contractors did a good job at the new Egypt Bridge, but the parking area is very limited.
Two loads of limestone still need to be purchased.  It may not happen this year.
There was a written report from Ruth's meeting with the Brookville Municipal Authority.  Ruth gave a report about the NFWA.  It covered the history and our current activities.  Dave Love asked for a report next fall on how we spent the $1,000.00 that the Authority provides.  Ruth indicated that we could have it ready by November, 2016.
It was decided that the current officers would be recommended to hold the same positions in 2016.
The December Meeting of the NFWA will be cancelled.  The next meeting will be in January, 2016.