North Fork Watershed Association
Friday, September 24, 2021

June, 2015

The June 11, 2015 meeting was attended by 5 members.
Bills were received for limestone and water sample testing.
Dirt and Gravel Road Project money is now available.  There is an application for a road project on Bond Road in Polk Township.
So far we have received 3 loads of limestone.  The last 2 loads received are located on State Game Lands.
The Brookville Municipal Authority has included $1,000.00 for purchasing limestone in their 2015 budget.  Bills for the limestone should be given to the Municipal Authority before we pay them from the NFWA budget.  We have already submitted $690.23 for the first load.
Water sampling was done on five sites on State Game Lands on May 20th.  The lab report has been received.
Grace has been working on the Environmental Watershed Camp.  Tentative dates are August 4th & 5th from 9:00 AM until noon.  Camp will be free and the age groups will be 6 - 9 years old.  A motion was made to approve $250.00 for the Environmental Watershed Camp Expenses.  We will be providing free shirts for the kids.
Macro-Invertebrate Study is scheduled for July 11th.  We will meet at Jones Bridge at 9:00 AM.
There will not be a NFWA Picnic this year.
This fall we will probably need to submit to the Brookville Municipal Authority a written request for $1,000.00 to be included in their 2016 budget.