North Fork Watershed Association
Friday, September 24, 2021

January, 2013

The January 10, 2013 meeting had 5 members present.
There was no meeting in December, 2012.
Officers were elected for 2013.  President: Ruth Rowan, Vice-President: Ron Battaglia, Treasurer: Dave Chestnut and Secretary: Don Crytzer.
Discussion was held whether the bank account was moved to S&T Bank yet.  Ruth will check with Dave.
A Source Water Protection Grant announcement was forwarded to the group from Steve Rowan via Ruth.  If the Brookville Municipal Authority shows interest in partnering in a grant application it may be a way to locate and map abandoned wells.  Ruth will discuss with the Brookville Municipal Authority.
Shaun reported that there was no new activity in the watershed.
The group is interested in continuing limestone placement.  Wayne will call for prices.
Ron is currently sending out dues notices.
Spring water sampling will be conducted in March.
Macro-Invertebrate sampling will be conducted in May.
The food tent will be set up at Richardsville for the first day of trout season in April.