North Fork Watershed Association
Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Water Monitoring



              Some sample definitions for those curious about the parameters tested:

ANC:  Acid Neutralization Capacity.  This measures the ability of the water to buffer acid. The higher the number, the better it is in most instances.

ALUMINUM:  Toxic to all living organisms.  An acceptable level would be zero.

TSS:  Total Suspended Solids are solid materials, including organic and inorganic, that are suspended in the water.  These would include erosion from urban runoff and agricultural land, industrial wastes, bank erosion, bottom feeders(such as carp), algae growth or wastewater discharges.

CONDUCTIVITY:  Conductivity is a measure of the ability of water to pass an electrical current.  Conductivity in streams and rivers is affected primarily by the geology of the area through which the water flows.

ALKALINITY: Alkalinity is a measure of the capacity of water to neutralize acids.

pH:  pH is a measure of how acidic basic water is. The range goes from 0 - 14, with 7 being neutral.

More on acid deposition, buffers and pH can be found on the Acid Rain page of this site.  For more detailed information about the things tested for in water, please visit:


Below are the abbreviations for the different monitoring points.

Each is a link to the data for that location as it becomes available. 


**** updated with new data from April 6, 2021 samples.


B-PEN  - Tributary North of Manners Run   ****
BEA-1 - Beaver Run at the mouth
CLR-1 - Clear Run near mouth
CLR-2 - Clear Run at Gilbert Run   ****
CLR-4 - Clear Run at Clear Run Road
CRFT 1 - Craft Run at North Fork
HET-1 - Hetrick Run at SR 1010
LUC 1 - Lucas Run near mouth   ****
MAN 1 - Manners Dam Run at Game Lands boundary    ****
MAN 2 - Manners Run just below impoundment
MAN 3 South Branch of Manners Run
MAN 4  - North Branch of Manners Run
MOR-B- Moore Bridge at North Fork
MUD-2 - Muddy Run at North Fork
NF-2 - North Fork at the North Fork Dam
NF-12  - North Fork below Humpback bridge

NF-16 - North Fork at SR 1010    ****
NF-18 - North Fork below Richardsville Bridge    ****
PEK-1 - Pekin Run near mouth
PEK-- Pekin Run at SR 4005    ****
RED-1 - Red Lick Run at North Fork
SEN-1 - Seneca Run near mouth
SHP 1 - Shippen Run at North Fork
SOU-1 - South Branch near mouth
SOU-2 - East Fork of the South Branch
SOU 4 - Unnamed Tributary to South Branch at Game School Road    ****
SUG-1 - Sugar Camp Run at North Fork
SUG-2 -  Sugar Camp Run at Richardsville Road Bridge    ****
SWE-S - South Branch of Swede Run
SWE-SSp - South Branch of Swede Run
SWE-N - North Branch of Swede Run
SWE-C - Swede Run at the confluence    ****
TAR-1 - Tar Kiln Run at North Fork

WIL 1 - Williams Run   ****

WIND-2 - Windfall Run at Jimtown Road

AVERAGES - Click here to see averages of all sites monitored from June, 2004  - August, 2005