North Fork Watershed Association
Tuesday, September 21, 2021

About Us


 What is the North Fork Watershed?
      Located in Northern Jefferson County, Pennsylvania, the North Fork Creek joins Sandy Lick at Brookville to form the Redbank Creek.  All are a part of a much larger area known as the Allegheny River Basin.  The North Fork watershed covers approximately 98.75 square miles with 713 miles of stream and 32.52 square miles being State Game Lands. 
The Townships of Warsaw and Polk together contain over half of the watershed area.  On the western side of the watershed is a large portion of Eldred Township, and to the East is a portion of Snyder Township.  Before arriving at the southern most tip where the North Fork joins the Sandy Lick, the watershed passes through small portions of Pine Creek and Rose Townships before ending in Brookville Borough, where it serves as the town’s water supply.  A few other townships are located on the watershed.  However, the area included in the watershed is generally less than 1 square mile, including that of Elk County.
        The North Fork Watershed Association was organized in January of 2000 with its first Growing Greener Grant being received in 2001.  The first Growing Greener Grant was essential to the initial organization efforts of the newly formed association and subsequent water monitoring.
        On March 2nd, 2002, approximately 60 volunteers met at the Jefferson County Conservation District office (now the Jefferson County Community Conservation Center) for the first “snapshot”.  The snapshot involved taking samples from 64 sample points as simultaneously as possible, thereby obtaining a more accurate picture of water quality.
        New members are always welcome, and all are encouraged to participate in any of the Association’s many activities.  Most members are simply concerned citizens who would like to be involved in maintaining the health of their water supply and its ability to sustain suitable populations of aquatic organisms.
      With much of the world living on recycled water, we can be grateful that we have a watershed with streams rated as HQEV (high quality, exceptional value).  Protecting this water supply is why the Association has come together, in addition to raising watershed awareness and addressing the problems that are presently deteriorating the health of the watershed.
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